Stellar Movers

Stellar Movers Branding

Designed the branding and marketing materials for the moving company Stellar Movers. Using Design Thinking I took the owners through the process to determine a name and inspiration for the overall look and feel for the company. Marketing materials include: Business Cards Apparel Web Site Promotional Flyers Social Images

Stein Mart Mobile

Stein Mart Mobile

Collaborated to help the launch of the Stein Mart mobile site. I established the overall brand style guide and ensured a consistent implementation. Working closely with engineers and architects, we were able to problem solve additional clients requests that were not built into the platform.

Mobile UX Documentation

Mobile Documentation Image

Worked with cross-functional teams to develop mobile user experience documentation. This documentation was used to help the clients understand the functionality of each design pattern and interaction throughout the site. Using technical documentation mixed with high fidelity wireframes and mock-ups, clients were able to envision how their site would launch to their customers.

Mobile Product Research & Upgrade

Product Design Sample

As a part of user experience research, I worked with a user experience architect which created an interactive wire frame using Axure. Using the interactive wire frame I created the skin of the new experience, showing multiple states.

Christopher & Banks Mobile

Created the mobile design for Christopher & Banks. Worked with an established brand style to create the layout. Also, worked closely with a user experience architect, the mobile manager and cross country developer leads to create the final product. View on your mobile device.

Old City Business Collective

Old City Windows Postcard

Created promotional postcards and posters to market a competitive window display event in Old City, Philadelphia. Business owners were asked collaborate with artists to create a theme to display in their business window for a week. After public voting winners were chosen at a closing event.

Foster’s Hardware Business Card

Fosters Business Card

Created custom business cards for a home-ware store that the backside doubled as notepaper to write down specifications or information for clients.

Rock School of Dance Program

Rock School Program

With the theme chosen by the client, I created the cover and laid out photos, advertisements and text to complete this saddle stitched program.

Myers Constructs Direct Mailer

Myers Constructs Mailer

Created a direct mail invitation for an event to display recent work of Myers Constructs. Photos were provided.